WELCOME 1990's Oil Company Road Maps of Pennsylvania WELCOME

Oil company road maps almost disappear in the 90's, and this page is hardly worth having. However, Exxon and some local independents put out a few maps.




1990 MOBIL - RAND MCNALLY. Possibly the last Mobil map issued, this one cost $2.25.
1991 EXXON - GENERAL DRAFTING CO. This map is also identified as A TRAVEL-VISION PUBLICATION. It is undated and COST $1.75. Same cover as the 80's map.
1992 EXXON - (?) This is likely a 1992 map as in that year American Map Corporation, the second largest publisher of maps in the United States, acquired General Drafting Corporation's library of U.S. state, city and regional road maps. Their first map might have appeared in 1992 without a maker identified. The rear panel is blank, another indication this was an interim map.
1993 EXXON - AMERICAN MAP CORP. This map is undated but appears circa 1993. In 1992 American Map Corporation acquired rights to General Drafting's U.S. state, city and regional road maps. American Map is owned by the Langenscheidt Publishing Group, which also owns ADC The Map People, Arrow Map Inc., Hagstrom Map Company. They kept on using the same cover and map.
1994 EXXON - AMERICAN MAP CORP. This map is undated but appears c1994-95, it is later than the 1993 map above. The Map Image shows little change. Exxon was the last of the big oil companies to distribute maps.
1996 EXXON - GEO SYSTEMS GLOBAL CORP. This map does not have a cover design and folds to 5.5 x 4 inches. Priced at 49 cents and copyright 1996, it was apparently issued for a couple years. Here is a Map Image .
1997 SHEETZ LOCATION MAP. This map is self published. Sheetz is a convenience store/gasoline distributor based in Altoona and this map is representive of a new trend. All the major gas distributors, Exxon, BP, etc. are now converting their stations to convenience stores. This map includes northern Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia where Sheetz also operates. It shows only major roads in a schematic way and is intended as advertising rather than real use.
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