WELCOME 1980's Oil Company Road Maps of Pennsylvania WELCOME

Few oil companies issued road maps in the 80's and by the end of the decade only Exxon maps were around.





1980 BORON - RAND MCNALLY. Boron was a logo used by Sohio. This map is somewhat unusual in that the front and back covers are identical.
1981 EXXON - GENERAL DRAFTING CO. This was the last year for Tony the Tiger on the cover. No! Wait a minute, that was the cereal.
1982 MOBIL - RAND MCNALLY. In the late 1970's, the oil companies began to phase out free maps. This is one of the few available from the 80's. Unfolded, it is 18 x 34 inches.
1983 PHILLIPS 66 - H. M. GOUSHA. Phillips hung on into the 80's handing out Pennsylvania maps. Why is something of a mystery since they didn't have that many stations in the state.
1984 HESS - H. M. GOUSHA. Here is a very modest oil company, the Hess name is on the back cover. The full name of the company is Amarada Hess. This map has the code M-YL-616-J and 1980 census data. From the code YL, it is apparently a 1984 map. Hess must not have gotten the word that oil companies were not issuing maps anymore.
1985 BORON - RAND MCNALLY. This map seems like it shouldn't exist, but it does. It is undated, but the date code is 856605-19 and the road network appears consistent with a mid-80's map. It has a price tag of 49 cents on it and represents a transition period when the company stations still provided road maps, but had started charging for them.
1986 MOBIL - RAND MCNALLY. This map has the same cover as the 1982 map except for that 'suggested retail price' of $1.50 in the upper right corner. Next to Exxon, Mobil issued maps the longest.
1987 EXXON - GENERAL DRAFTING. This is labeled a Travel Vision map. Exxon was one of the few to issue maps from the late 80's into the 90's, and this is an Eastern States map. The northeast is on one side and the southeast on the other. This is an example of a regional map issued by many oil companies for the northeast, central, southeast, midwest, west, and probably many other names.
1988 EXXON - GENERAL DRAFTING. This cover of road signs and a freeway first appeared in 1982 and was used until the mid 90's.
1989 EXXON - GENERAL DRAFTING CO. This map has the same cover as the earlier Exxon maps but is undated. It is believed to be the 1989 map.
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