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The major auto news in the 1970's was the great gasoline shortage brought on by the OPEC countries. Almost all road maps honored the bicentennail year of 1976 with patriotic map covers.




1970 GETTY - R. R. DONNELLEY. Getty stations began appearing in Pennsylvania just as many of the other companies were disappearing. Getty is a child of the former Tidewater Flying A oil company. In 1938 Tidewater merged with Associated Oil from the west coast to form Tide Water Associated Oil which began to use the Flying A symbol of Associated Oil. In 1966 Flying A stations on the west coast were sold and the new east coast company became the Getty Oil Company, and in 1969 the brand became Getty. Getty was acquired by Texaco in 1984. This map is also included because it was printed by the R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company, Chicago, the largest printing company in the US. They got into road maps c1965-70 and printed maps for Sinclair, Ashland, Hess, Sunoco, and Shell also. The Map Image shows Donnelley's attractive work.
1971 BP - RAND MCNALLY. BP is of course British Petroleum. The Brits show no more originality in map covers than the American companies. BP recently swallowed Amoco and is now probably the major gasoline retailer in the east.
1972 INDEPENDENT DEALER - RAND MCNALLY. This map is included as an example of an independent dealer map. These gas stations were almost always locally owned and usually shopped around for the cheapest gas. Rand McNally printed some generic maps they could distribute.
1973 UNION 76 - RAND MCNALLY. The Union Oil Company acquired Pure Oil circa 1965. The last Pure Oil logo appeared on a 1969 map, after that only the Union 76 logo was used.
1974 CHEVRON - H. M. GOUSHA. Standard Oil of California (Socal) was created from the Standard Trust breakup in 1911. It acquired Standard of Kentucky in 1961 and took over Gulf in 1984. It was renamed Chevron Corporation after its gasoline logo.
1975 EXXON - GENERAL DRAFTING CO. Standard Oil of New Jersey changed its name to Exxon c1973. Covers became patriotic as 1976 approached. The Map Image shows GD's cartography.
1976 AMOCO - NATIONAL SURVEY COMPANY. This map is copyright Amoco Oil Co. with cartographic revisions by The National Survey Company, Chester, Vt.
1977 TEXACO - RAND MCNALLY. This is the last Texaco map of Pennsylvania issued.
1978 BORON - RAND MCNALLY. The Boron Company was part of Standard Oil of Ohio who were prevented from marketing gas outside Ohio using the Sohio name for some obscure legal reason.
1979 PHILLIPS 66 - H. M. GOUSHA. This map is interesting for all the paraphenalia on the cover, oil can, battery, and tire.
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