WELCOME 1960's Oil Company Road Maps of Pennsylvania WELCOME

The golden age of road maps continued into the 60's with covers becoming less imaginative. Automobile design, on the other hand, became more imaginative.




1960 ASHLAND - H. M. GOUSHA. Ashland is one of the few small oil companies that survived. It was formed in 1924 and began marketing products under the Ashland name in 1946. It acquired many small oil companies over the years to remain in the game.
1961 RED HEAD - RAND MCNALLY. Red Head was probably an independent dealer network. The back cover lists stations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, and Georgia.
1962 QUAKER STATE - H. M. GOUSHA. The 'Sterling' logo was used by Quaker State for their gasoline. Despite being a small oil company, Quaker State hung on into the 1990's on the strength of motor oil sales until it was finally absorbed by Pennzoil. The Map Image shows Gousha 60's work.
1963 PENNZOIL - H. M. GOUSHA. The Pennzoil Company began in Pennsylvania and then moved to Texas. It developed a great rivalry with Quaker State in selling 'Pennsylvania Grade' motor oil, which was high in paraffins and supposedly much better for your engine. Unfolded, the map is 18 x 34 inches.
1964 PHILLIPS 66 - H. M. GOUSHA. Black certainly makes for a cover that stands out. The Phillips Petroleum Company was located somewhere along Route 66, maybe Oklahoma.
1965 FLEETWING - RAND MCNALLY. Fleetwing was the logo of the Pennsylvania Independent Oil Co. of Allentown. Little is known about this company other than they were very shy. They put no information about themselves on their road map.
1966 CITGO - DIVERSIFIED MAP CORP. In 1965 the old Cities Service company, which had been around since 1910, jauntily renamed itself Citgo. It later briefly passed through the clutches of Armand Hammer of Occidental Petroleum, a notorious wheeler-dealer. The Diversified Map Corporation was from St. Louis, see the Map Image for their attractive work.
1967 ENCO - GENERAL DRAFTING CO. This map cover is identical to the 1967 Esso map, but has the name Enco and Humble Oil and Refining Co. Esso consolidated the Carter, Humble, Pate, and Oklahoma brands into the new Enco brand in the early 60's. In 1967 several city maps and this Pennsylvania map were printed under that brand name.
1968 KEYSTONE - RAND MCNALLY. Keystone was the trademark of the United Refining Co. located in northwest Pennsylvania. Someone pasted their name on this map cover.
1969 CROWN - RAND MCNALLY. The Crown Central Petroleum Corporation was based in Baltimore. This same cover was used throughout the late 60's.
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