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The major auto news in the 1970's was the great gasoline shortage brought on by the OPEC countries. Almost all road maps honored the bicentennail year of 1976 with patriotic map covers. Some organizations that usually did not issue maps put one out for 1976.



1970 AAA
1971 SEARS - RAND MCNALLY. Sears appears to have issued road maps sporatically into the 70's.
1972 AAA.
1973 OFFICIAL INFORMATION MAP 1973 ALLEGHENY COUNTY. Inside the map is titled ‘Road Map Allegheny County Pennsylvania,’ prepared by the County Planning Department, Pittsburgh, Pa. The verso has pictures and much county information. This map was issued over several years in the 60's and 70's. Size: 28 x 40 inches.
1974 MCDONALD'S - RAND MCNALLY. This map is titled 'Region 4 New Jersey, Pennsylvania Heritage Roads.' Two sets of these McDonald's Heritage road maps were issued, in 1974 and 1976. There were 18 maps in the complete set covering the US. This map is dated from an apparent date code and the cover design.
1975 AAA. Here is a good idea for a map cover. It shows all the various signs used in state parks, unfortunately sometimes they are indecipherable.
1976 MCDONALD'S - RAND MCNALLY. The title is 'Heritage Roads, Region 4 New Jersey, Pennsylvania'. Two sets of these McDonald's Heritage road maps were issued, one in 1974 with the highway loop cover and this one.
1977 AAA. Here is a nice retro cover. According to this cover, the AAA began in 1902 which is hard to believe. For a long time Pennsylvania appeared on these maps above New Jersey, and then suddenly Jersey came first. Hummm. The Map Image shows the AAA cartography, which has changed little in the last 30 years.
1978 CLOSE-UP USA, a 16 map series of the United States issued by the National Geographic Society from 1973 to 1978 as part of the bicentennial. There was an accompanying 4 map series for Canada. The Pennsylvania map dates from 1978 and includes New York and New Jersey.
1979 RAND MCNALLY. As the oil companies stopped giving out free maps, Rand McNally started retailing them again. However, there is no printed price on this one.
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