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The 1920's began the modern automobile age. During this decade the major highways were paved and by 1928 modern route numbers were in use; the car had become commonplace. The vendors who did road maps as a sideline had not yet been driven out of business by the free state and oil maps, so many different types of road maps were available during this decade.


1920 AAA, PENNSYLVANIA MAIN-TRAVELED ROUTES AND AVIATION LANDING FIELDS, prepared in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Motor Federation, American Automobile Association, Washington. This map is uncolored but with mountains indicated in green shading as the Map Image shows. Main roads, such as the Lincoln Highway, are shown in heavier black. Road names are given but there are no route or trail markings. The verso contains maps of several cities and towns. This AAA map first appeared c1913 with subsequent editions such as this one.
1921 AUTO ROAD GUIDE WITH MAPS AND MILAGE, copyright 1921 George D. Proud. This is an advertising map for F. Hersh Hardware Co., Allentown Pa., as seen on the front cover. The main map is a circular map centered on Philadelphia and dated 1918 by George D. Proud Automobile Pilot 1218 Wagner Ave. Phila. Pa. The verso has a smaller circular map centered on Allentown, also dated 1918 by Proud. Around both maps are driving directions to various cities. Sheet size: 19 x 25 inches.
1922 MUELLERíS GOOD ROAD MAP OF DELAWARE COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA. A.H. Mueller, 1922. This title is on the map which folds into a plain brown paper cover with the title "MAP OF DELAWARE COUNTY, PA." as seen in the picture. It has a J. L. Smith Co. sticker on it. This is a detailed road map at a scale of 1 inch = 0.75 mile. Size: 22 x 30 inches.
1923 NASH - CLASON MAP CO. The map is titled 'Best Roads of Pennsylvania' as the Map Image shows. It has no imprimatur but is a Clason map as it resembles others of the time. Highways are identified by names (Lincoln Highway) and pole markings. The map is undated but is circa 1923-25 based upon the highways shown. George S. Clason founded the company in Denver and published the first road atlas of the United States and Canada, see the image at the top of the page. In 1926 he issued the first of a famous series of pamphlets on thrift and success using parables set in ancient Babylon. These were widely distributed, the most famous being "The Richest Man in Babylon". These "Babylonian parables" were inspirational classics of the time. The Nash car company went out of business around 1960.
  1924 AAA, OFFICIAL ROAD MAP OF PENNSYLVANIA, Pennsylvania Motor Federation, Harrisburg; published by American Automobile Association, Washington, copyright 1924. Main roads are shown with color bands corresponding to 'Pole Markings', which is their name for Rand McNally's Auto Trails. Mountains are indicated with brown shading, and roads paved with concrete are identified. By 1924 even AAA saw the advantages of attractive cover design and the utility of Rand McNally's Auto Trails system.
1925 RAND MCNALLY OFFICIAL AUTO TRAILS MAPS AMERICAíS MOST POPULAR ROAD GUIDE. This title is at the top of this large wall map with wood dowels at top and bottom. The title on the map is RAND MCNALLY OFFICIAL 1925 AUTO TRAILS MAP PENNSYLVANIA. The black & white standard 1925 map is inset with trail markings and route numbers, and surrounded with colorful drawings and symbols. It was probably an advertising poster that would be put up in a store. Size: 50 x 40 inches overall with the map 28 x 32 inches.
1926 OLDENíS NEW JERSEY & PENNSYLVANIA ROAD MAP, With Questions and Answers to New Jersey and Pennsylvania Drivers Examinations. Charles R. Olden, Camden, New Jersey. Bentley Print, Camden. The 14 x 17 inch road map folds out from the 8 x 4.5 inch brown paper cover shown, and has Pennsylvania on one side and New Jersey on the other. Unfortunately the map is attached to the cover such that not all the Pennsylvania map can be shown here. The map is copyright 1926 by W. Nuneviller Co., 208 W. Washington Sq., Phila. Trail markings, not route numbers, are used. The driver's exam is in attached folded sheets.
1927 CRAM'S OFFICIAL PAVED ROAD MAP OF EAST CENTRAL STATES. This folding map attached to the back cover includes Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia. The map measures 21 x 17 and only the Pennsylvania part is shown in this Map Image . Cram was a major atlas publisher at the turn of the century and did not do much road map business.
1928 HAMMOND'S AUTO ROUTE DISTANCE MAP OF PENNSYLVANIA. C. S. Hammond & Co. of New York became a major producer of maps at the turn of the century and dabbled a little in road maps. This one has a '28' in the corner which is taken as the date. This very large 38 x 24 inch map is printed on blue paper.
1929 SEARS - H. M. GOUSHA. The map includes New Jersey. At some point in the 20's Sears got into the map game like the oil companies. Note the prominent display of the Allstate Balloon tire on the cover. Is there anything Sears has not been involved in at one time or another? This is a beautiful cover design with an unusual combination of colors.
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